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Travel in the “New Normal”

When deciding where or when to travel, no matter if going on vacation, for business or to reunite with loved ones, preparation is a key factor. Air fares and hotels can be booked through hundreds of apps and websites, all claiming to offer the best deals. There are maps and guides for every destination, translators and currency exchange tools, restaurants and venue recommendations and ratings. But all these tools and platforms are irrelevant if there is a travel ban imposed for the destination of choice.

So before you travel, consider the following questions:

What type of travelers are allowed entry in a given country?

In 99% of the cases, citizens and residents will always be permitted to return home. Almost all countries allow entry to their territories for essential reasons. Family emergencies, business travel, medical treatment and family reunification can be considered essential travel and require supporting documentation, special permits and authorizations. Travel bans have been imposed for nationals of specific countries for some destinations.

What are the medical procedures and requirements in place?

In addition to regular temperature checks, presenting a negative coronavirus PCR certificate upon entry to a territory has become a standard travel requirement for many countries. According to the local legislation, these certificates might have to be issued from within 24/48/72 hours to up to 10 days prior to arrival. In some cases there is mandatory PCR testing on arrival.

Are there any quarantine measures imposed on arriving travelers?

Depending on nationality, residency and/or point of origin, travelers might be a subjects to quarantines. Sometimes even transit stops are taken under consideration.

Are there flights available to the destination of choice?

Commercial air traffic has been fully suspended for a number of destinations around the globe. Limited flights availability will mean less flexibility in the travel plans and the potential danger of becoming stranded in foreign territory for undefined periods.

What countries are open for tourism?

Once you have checked all of the conditions mentioned above, you will have a clear understanding of where can you travel.

The Travel Restrictions App Has All Answers

★ Travel Restrictions by Country

– Entry requirements
– Travel bans
– Allowed countries
– Banned countries
– Type of travel allowed – leisure/business/essential

★ Medical Requirements and Screening

– Mandatory Covid19 Testing on Arrival and costs involved (if any)
– Negative Coronavirus PCR Certificates
– Temperature checks
– Medical declarations and questionnaires (optional)
– Mandatory phone app download and registration

★ Quarantine Measures (if any)

– Quarantine application and recommendations
– Quarantine length
– Quarantine locations and costs involved

★ Flights availability

– According to local civil aviation authority


All information is 100% human verified and updated. No AI travel tools are used to present, update or aggregate data.

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